Halki Village

30 minutes

Halki (Also known as Tragea after the region name), once administrative centre, is a beautiful village with long history. It is situated in the middle of an olive grove with towers built by Byzantines and Venetians. The beautiful houses provide evidence for the town’s earlier prosperity: this is small lordly township, which has its own important market.

Amenities mini-market, taverns, cafe, pharmacy, stationary store.

Alight at Halki to visit

  • The Byzantine church of Panagia Protothroni which was built in the 6th century with fine frescoes from Early Christian, middle Byzantine and late Byzantine periods.
  • The the church of Agios Georgios Diassoritis since 9th century with excellent frescoes.
  • Panagia Drosiani Church – on the way to Moni Village
  • The 3 floors tower of Barotsi – Frangopoulou – Gratsia that was built the 17th century by the Venetian family Barotsi.
  • Near to Halki in Monitsia settlement, the church of Panagia Rahidiotissa with beautiful frescoes and wooden screen.
  • In Metohi the church Saint John, Theologos since 13th century.
  • Near the village of Kaloxylos the church of Daminiotissa Virgin of exceptional architecture and two layers of frescoes.

Getting to Halki - The main bus stops (30 minutes)

It is a beautiful route via Mainland Naxos. The bus calls at many picturesque villages and the view of the landscape is brilliant.

  • 1

    Naxos Town

    Departure from Naxos Town. The bus terminal is located at the port. Tickets may purchased at the bus office.

  • 2

    Elli's Park (Naxos Town)

    At the stone built bus stop. Across Agios Nikodimos Church.

  • 3

    Galanado Village

  • 4

    Sagri Village

  • 5

    Damarionas & Damalas Villages

  • 6

    Halki Village

    The past capital of Naxos Island. Alight here.

  • 7

    Filoti Village

    The largest village on the island

  • 8

    Apeiranthos Village

  • 9

    Stavros Keramotis

    Beautiful view of the east and the west coast of island

  • 10

    Koronos Village

  • 11

    Skado Village

  • 12

    Messi Village

  • 13

    Koronida Village - Also called Komiaki

  • 14

    Apollon Village


The route at a glance

  • Many villages
  • Beautiful landscape
  • The view of the olive groves (Tragea Valley)



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