Koronos Village

1hour & 10minutes

Koronos is one of the most beautiful villages in Naxos Island. It is a stepped village, scrabbling up two opposite mountain sides and renowned for its emery mines. As there is no road passing through the village, exploring can be done only on foot.

Its pretty houses retain intact the traditional architecture and are divided seven neighbourhoods. The central square is called “Platsa” and it the meeting point of the locals. Agia Marina (St. Marina) is the main church in Koronos village.

On Agia Marina (the patron saint) Day, on July 17, church icons are paraded around the village after mass and a big feast follows, lasting until the early morning hours of the following day.

Amenities mini-markets taverns, cafe.

Getting to Koronos Village via Mainland Naxos (1hour & 10minutes)

It is a beautiful route via Mainland Naxos. The bus calls at many picturesque villages and the view of the landscape is brilliant.

  • 1

    Naxos Town

    Departure from Naxos Town. The bus terminal is located at the port. Tickets may purchased at the bus office.

  • 2

    Elli's Park (Naxos Town)

    Across Agios Nikodimos Church

  • 2

    Galanado Village

  • 3

    Sagri Village

  • 4

    Damarionas & Damalas Villages

  • 5

    Halki Village (bus stop)

    The past capital of Naxos Island

  • 6

    Filoti Village

    The largest village on the island

  • 7

    Apeiranthos Village

  • 8

    Koronos Village

    Alight here. There are two bus stops in Koronos. The first one is closer to the main square of the village.

  • 9

    Skado Village

  • 10

    Messi Village

  • 11

    Koronida Village - Also called Komiaki

    Built at an altitude of 700m in dense vegetation region.

  • 12

    Apollon Village (Seaside)


The route at a glance

  • Many villages
  • Beautiful landscape
  • The view at Savros Keramotis
  • The view as approaching Koronos



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