Keramoti Village

1 hour & 10 min

Keramoti is a picturesque village nearly 30 kilometres away from Naxos Town. It is beautifully surrounded by mountains, walnut trees, vineyards, and olive trees. The village is not clearly visible from the main road.

The surrounding picturesque area offers plenty to see, including the Routsouna waterfall, the old stone-and-marble bridge over the southern stream, the old outdoor laundries, two watermills and the old water reservoir which collects the water from tributary brooks and then releases it via aqueducts to the vegetable gardens at Perada.

Stavros Keramotis is one of the very few points on the island where both east and west sea sides of Naxos Island are visible. Close to the village are ruins of an old tower.

Amenities include a cafe.

Important: The schedule runs once a week in high season. It departs from Keramoti early in the morning and it returns to Keramoti the same day.

Visit Keramoti to enjoy

  • The magnificent nature
  • A walk to Routsouna waterfall

Getting to Keramoti

It is an excellent route via Mainland Naxos. The bus calls at many picturesque villages and the view of the landscape is brilliant. The road from Stavros Keramoti junction down to the village is beautiful.

  • 1

    Naxos Town

    Departure from Naxos Town. The bus terminal is located at the port. Tickets may purchased at the bus office.

  • 2

    Elli's Park (Naxos Town)

    At the stone built bus stop across Agios Nikodimos Church

  • 3

    Galanado Village

  • 4

    Sagri Village

  • 5

    Damarionas & Damalas Villages

  • 6

    Halki Village

    The past capital of Naxos Island

  • 7

    Filoti Village

    The largest village on the island

  • 8

    Apeiranthos Village

    One of the most popular villages on the island

  • 9

    Stavros Keramotis Junction

    Magnificent view of the east and the west sea side of the island

  • 10

    Keramoti Village

    Terminates here

The route at a glance

  • Many villages
  • Beautiful landscape
  • The magnificent view up to Paros Island as approaching Apeiranthos village
  • The beautiful view at Stavros Keramotis junction



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